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Our Goal

Produce Captivating Videos that Incite Your Audience to Take Action

Recent statistics show that more than half of consumers prefer video content from brands they support indicating that the demand for video is growing. What’s more, an average consumer spends over an hour watching videos every day. Videos hold the power to deliver messages using sight and sound. Now’s the time for your brand to add videos into your content plan.

Our team of video producers, animators and creative directors can handle everything from brainstorming to delivery. We have years of experience creating videos for both newcomers and established brands. Also, our post-production process is handled seamlessly with industry-standard software and the latest video trends.

Our Video Solutions

The following is a breakdown of all the video production services that we offer:


Our script writers and storyboard artists come together to craft incredible stories that directly impact your audience.


Our directors and cinematographers finally launch into preparing high-quality animations for your video projects.


Our talented editors, equipped with the latest software will begin editing the raw animations until they finally prepare a true work of art.

Good Video Content is Not Enough

Why Not Choose Compelling Video Content Instead?

  • Explainer Videos

    These are short videos that are used for sales or marketing purposes on landing pages to highlight business ideas, services, or products efficiently or compellingly.

  • Motion Graphics

    This form of digital footage or animation is used to create an illusion of motion. These videos have animated shapes, voiceovers, mood-setting music, and animated text at the very least.

  • Typography Animations

    Animated typography, a.k.a. kinetic typography, refers to any kind of moving text. Here, the text will shrink, expand, or morph into other forms of attractive text.

  • Whiteboard Animations

    Whiteboard videos are images drawn on a clear whiteboard and are accompanied by narrations. If you’ve got a challenging topic to explain, whiteboard animation is the way to go.


Why Some Clients Love Us

Our Expertise

Helping Your Brand Achieve
Remarkable Heights with Video

Creative Ideas & Scripts

Creative Giants Technologies keep all focus on your brand by first analyzing what makes your products and/or services unique. This is how we write scripts that hit the spot. Also, if you value comedy in your content, we’d like to boast that it is somewhat of a specialty at Creative Giants Technologies.

Strong First Impressions

Your video is your first introduction to your potential customers which is why making it compelling, timeless, and unique is the only way to go! Our designers create videos that pique your customers' interests, inviting them to learn more about your company.

Priceless Post Production

We handle everything from motion graphics animation, editing, special effects, and background music. Put it all together and you will experience the peak of creativity in your brand.

Be Prominent. Create a Mark. Grow Your Brand. Conquer!

The Importance of Videos

Why You Need Videos for Your Brand:

• People like buying from people. Videos put a face to a name, which in turn, allows your audience to see the human side of your brand.

• Videos are the most shared pieces of content on social media.

• Video content is processed approximately 60,000 times faster by the brain as opposed to text.

Google loves videos because the more it deems content informative, the higher it ranks it on its search engine.

• 90% of all online consumers state that videos help them in deciding to buy products or services.

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Our Video Production Process

Over the years, our team has used various tools and processes, and while we have developed
a recipe for great animations, we continue to improve it. Here is what the video production process looks like:

  • Pre-Production

    Planning Your Project

    As is the case with any project, we lay down the groundwork first. There are numerous factors that we need to consider before designing the blueprint of our video strategy, including the intended audience, platform, and goal of the video.

    The answers to all the questions in this phase with help our team focus on and develop consistent and targeted messages through the entire video production process.

  • Visualization

    Laying Down the Blueprints

    Once we’re past the pre-production stage, we envision your video scene-by-scene while using visual aids, which include storyboards, video scripts, and shot lists. Our copywriters are experienced in translating these visualizations into content.

    While our copywriters are doing their magic, our creative teams will start following a production schedule. This schedule will be communicated to you in the form of intended messages, target audiences, platforms, timelines, types of videos, and of course, budget.

  • Production

    Utilizing the Right Media

    Depending on the type of video you choose, this stage may entail creating animations, capturing b-rolls, or recording voiceovers for your video. If the end product was equivalent to baking a brisket, this stage would involve gathering and using all the right ingredients for the production process.

    Whether you need on-camera interviews, 2D or 3D animations, voiceovers, or all three, we will dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s before we’re finally ready to move onto the post-production process.

  • Post-Production

    Final Touchups

    At Creative Giants Technologies, we believe that this stage is where all the magic takes place. All the media elements that we may have gathered up till now will now come to life and will be modified until it finally speaks to your intended audience in the most compelling manner possible.

    Post-production consists of video editing, motion graphics, sound mixing, effects, and color grading. Of course, all of this occurs with 100% transparency and while inviting the brand owners’ opinions.

Providing Value, Building Trust,
Increasing Engagement, with
High-Quality Videos

Build trust and credibility for your brand while increasing social reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • Can I have more male and female voiceovers for my video?

    Yes, you may. There have been instances where clients suggested that their viewers trust videos with female narration as opposed to male narrations. In contrast, if you require many male and female voiceovers in the same video, we will still be happy to oblige.

  • What are the benefits of shooting in HD?

    Nowadays, every professional camera and consumer can capture 4K videos, if not 1080p. With that said, the biggest benefit of HD or Ultra HD videos is that you will have more leeway during the editing phase. For instance, you could easily add subtle zooming effects to focus on specific parts of the video.

  • In what formats will we receive our video files?

    We send in-progress or finished videos in the most common formats which include .mov or .mp4. However, we fulfill special requests from clients to convert their final files into whatever format they deem fitting for their in-house marketing teams.

  • Can a video be integrated into my PowerPoint?

    Can a video be integrated into my PowerPoint? Yes, of course, we can. We embed both offline and YouTube videos into your PowerPoint presentation. Creative Giants Technologies makes it easy for clients to embed videos in video presentations, explainers, and infographics.

  • Are you able to provide subtitles?

    Yes, we do provide subtitles wherever applicable. Also, we provide subtitles in a large number of languages besides English.

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