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Why is Local SEO
Relevant to Your Store?

Everyday people come across new requirements, develop new needs, and make new decisions that affect the lifestyles for the better. Doing this many seek substitutes or alternatives to their current living conditions. From eating at a new restaurant, to buying a sofa, or simply selecting a new bed for your apartment. Everything requires people to go online and search for a product, a product you sell at price unlike others. Still the customer makes a decision, and buys from the shop across to yours. Sad, isn’t it? But why, why didn’t the customer make the purchase at a lower price from your store.

Your business lacks local SEO, hence does not show up in local searches from potential buyers. Your customers who look you up, end up finding the competitors shop and that’s where they take their business too. Relax! At Creative Giants Technologies, the Local SEO team will ensure that you do not suffer, or let’s just say that we’ll help you do tremendous business with targeted Local SEO.

Features & Benefits

Leverage Local SEO to Boost Sales

  • Better Business Standing

    Local SEO ensures that your business standing is defined in the customers search at top of local searches. So that you achieve better sales.

  • Targeted Website Traffic

    Ensure that your product pages get the hit from those looking for the products that you sell. And we’ll help you do that by deploying keywords that interest the audience.

  • Google Business Listing

    One of the biggest factors to influence people on Google searches is having a working and up to date Google my business, which is something Creative Giants Technologies does the first thing.

  • Credible Online Reputation

    Your customers trust what they read online, hence when working on Local SEO, we ensure that your online reputation is as sparkling as anything


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Service Details

Appeal to Local Audiences
to Gain Maximum Profits

Local SEO Audit

Existing in the local market, and having a website is not the equivalent of having a local SEO strategy – sadly that is something 95% businesses don’t realize. Looking at the brighter side, the 5% who believe otherwise, have someone like Creative Giants Technologies to boost their Local SEO..

Business Citation Management

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again. What gets seen, is what sells. Hence business citations are implemented, to induce your business name in all the places other than your website. Ensuring that people learn about your service offerings and build trust.

e-Commerce SEO

Believe it or not, over 50% of consumers go online and search for products they want to buy. Even when they’re standing there, inside your store, they’ll still go online to see if they’re making the right decision. That, right there, is your chance to make or break the deal, which you can with good Local SEO.

Optimize Your Business for Sustained Growth

Get Seen Where Your
Customers are Shopping – Locally!

We’ll help you rank better with Local SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • What is SEO not?

    SEO isn’t something that you should hire someone to handle technically behind the scenes without your involvement as a marketer or a business owner. In reality, SEO is a process which needs to be fully integrated into your writing, marketing, customer targeting, and publishing.

    In contrast, e-commerce SEO revolves around optimizing your webstore or website with SEO-focused content. Website Prof’s e-commerce SEO services are meant to make it easier for you to increase your leads and conversions.

  • Why is SEO important for small businesses?

    It is important because it can produce qualified leads that are already motivated to buy your services or products – which is typically, the same day of searching for the keyword. Most of the business owners we have worked with said that they got their customer leads from referrals and networking. However, inbound online searches tend to produce leads that you wouldn’t have ever heard of.

  • Short-tail keywords vs. long-tail keywords. Which is better?

    Short-tail keywords are used to target general search queries and are phrases that are made up of one or two words. In contrast, long-tail keywords are made up of 3-to-5 words (and sometimes even more). You see, when users search for very specific results, web surfers are bound to type longer queries, a.k.a. long-tail keywords. Doing so aids them in getting more relevant results, which in-turn increases your leads and conversions.

  • Do some companies need SEO more than others?

    Yes. This is especially true for B2C companies that need to make a lot of point-in-time or individual sales such as real estate agents, roofers, plumbers, used car lots, and salons, etc. In contrast, an executive business coach that needs to connect with 10 to 20 CEOs in their region will find that LinkedIn is a better tool as compared to blogging.

  • What can SEO do for a small business website?

    An SEO-fueled business website is like a replacement for a business brochure that people check for your services. However, this website will also become a lead generation tool that will attract customers and prospects.

    Note that your website should be sprinkled with effective CTAs (calls-to-action) such as ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Call Now’. This helps to direct visitor traffic to your website or to direct customers to your physical location.

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