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Why do You Need SEO Augmentation?

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the process of creating keyword optimized content that helps you better rank on search engines. The process is fairly simple, content with industry specific keywords is placed on the website. This helps the search engine to comb through the website, grab the keywords it deems relevant, and with the help of these keywords search engines rank your site.

According to leading studies, websites with active SEO augmentation enables them to rank higher in search engine results. Ensuring better client prospecting and an increase in revenues.

Your SEO Benefit

Rank at the Top, With Better SEO

At Creative Giants Technologies we work with our customers to bring out the best results that help them better position their business and aim for success. We don’t just implement keyword centric content; we devise a SEO strategy that drives results.

E-Commerce SEO

Need more sales on your ecommerce store, but lack the funds to run expensive ads? Ecommerce SEO lets you achieve the much-needed marketing goals for your ecommerce store with dedicated seo services for your online store.

Lead Gen SEO

Stop spending dollars on gaining access to leads for your business. Get the most economical and qualified leads for your business that are bound to convert. Based on industry keywords that bring your business at a rank visible to your target audience.

Local SEO

Make your business visible to those who matter – the local market. Businesses with better visibility in the desired market tend to get more sales than those who lack online presence. Gain the leverage your competition is missing out on.

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  • Better Positioning

    With a better rank on search engines that matter to your business, you are bound to attract the attention of those that really matter.

  • Content that Interests

    Mumbo-jumbo stuffed with keywords means nothing, you need high quality content knitted around industry specific keywords to make a difference.

  • Qualified Leads

    SEO aims to target searches by authentic buyers. This means if your business ranks on the first page you are positioned to get reliable leads.

  • Slow & Steady

    SEO best practices include building on your optimization gradually, seeding backlinks where they matter while simultaneously enriching your web content.


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Meta Title, Descriptions, & Keywords

The first identity factor of a website for a search engine is the meta dataset. Based on your industry we will ensure meta datasets that not only help your business crawl on relevant search engines, but also get the desired customer attention.

Internal linking restructuring & optimization

A website that lacks internal linking will fail to leave a lasting impression on the search engine algorithms. Leading to a prolonged ranking process. Creative Giants Technologies SEO ensures accurate internal link restructuring and optimization.

Keyword Mapping to Target Pages

Knowing industry specific keywords means nothing if they are not placed in relevant pages. This is exactly what SEO professionals at Creative Giants Technologies are know to do. Helping a business not only get a better ranking, but also ensure that the ranking remains.

Optimize Your Business for Sustainable Growth

How Helpful is it for your business?

Keyword Optimized Business
Vs. Non-SEO Website

Consider you’re a business with no SEO strategy, you have your website up and running, having a beautiful layout and a user experience that is likely to get you leads when a customer lands on your site. Still, you lack qualified leads. Hardly anyone visits your websites, and those who do, are mostly in there to window-shop. Despite heavy investments into your business, your website fails to make an impact and over time, given low revenue you decide to give up on your dream.

Opposed to the aforementioned, you have a great website, and you decide to take the chance with SEO. As your strategy progresses, your service provider targets important keywords across your website resulting in a better position on search result pages. With a better ranking, you automatically get better web traffic. With relevant traffic making its way on your site your online conversions will see an upward trend. And as your conversions grow, so will your business. That’s the power of SEO right there.

Let the SEO experts at Creative Giants Technologies strategize your SEO plan, and witness a turn of events!

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Amazed at Our Success?
Here’s How We Work to Attain it Every Day!

Creative Giants Technologies follows a structured approach when we work with our esteemed clients that enables us to deliver results that exceed their expectations. Over the years, we have refined our process to ensure a streamlined process from strategy to fulfillment.

  • Initial Consultation

    Understanding your business objectives

    WOur SEO strategy process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your objectives that you want to achieve with SEO. Whether you want to implement SEO on a new website or on an existing one, we will advise you the right course of action to implement results-driven SEO strategies.

  • SEO Strategy Planning

    Brainstorming Result-Driven SEO Strategies

    Our SEO, web and marketing team come together to brainstorm SEO strategies made right for your business, regardless of size and industry. Our goal-based approach enables us to create strategies that actually meet your desired goals. At Creative Giants Technologies, we value time and money.

  • Technical SEO Audit & Optimization

    Assessing Your Website’s Technical SEO

    We take over the technicalities of SEO, so you don’t have to. We conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website’s wireframes, webpages, links along with other technical SEO factors and tweak them from the ground up to optimize your site for SEO.

  • Audience & Keyword Research

    Identifying Relevant SEO Keywords

    Here’s where we conduct hard cold research. Our expert SEO specialists learn about your audience’s search intent and identify relevant SEO keywords that match their interests. We find the right balance between high-volume and low-competition keywords for maximum impact.

  • Content Writing & Publishing

    Writing Valuable Content that Hits the Mark

    We don’t just write for search engines; we write for people too. Our excellent writing team researches your business, its offerings and customer journey and then craft original SEO-friendly content that converts interest readers into leads.

  • SEO Monitoring & Optimization

    Analyzing & Improving SEO Performance

    Once your web content is published, we closely monitor the SEO performance and improvise the web content and technical SEO based on the data to meet the benchmarks. Our ever-evolving team strives to keep themselves updated with algorithm changes and new trends to continuously refine your website and boost search visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • What is the significance of SEO in e-commerce?

    SEO in e-commerce is a method of helping online retailers and their products rank higher in search engines. A well-optimized and designed website that consists of high-quality content is bound to rank better in top search engines such as Google. Simply put, e-commerce SEO will increase your store’s online visibility while also attracting traffic.

    E-commerce SEO revolves around optimizing your webstore or website with SEO-focused content. Website Prof’s e-commerce SEO services are meant to make it easier for you to increase your leads and conversions.

  • How to check whether your website is user friendly?

    UX, in website design, is short for user experience. You can easily enhance your website or webstore’s UX by improving design and making its aesthetics more appealing to the eyes. However, you shouldn’t just stop at making your website look good. On the contrary, UX also encompasses making your website work well. UX consists of everything from ease of use, navigation, and the holistic ‘feel’ of your website.

  • Short-tail keywords vs. long-tail keywords. Which is better?

    Short-tail keywords are used to target general search queries and are phrases that are made up of one or two words. In contrast, long-tail keywords are made up of 3-to-5 words (and sometimes even more). You see, when users search for very specific results, web surfers are bound to type longer queries, a.k.a. long-tail keywords. Doing so aids them in getting more relevant results, which in-turn increases your leads and conversions.

  • Should we avoid duplicate content and web pages?

    Have you ever come across a website and instantly felt as if you have read all of its content before? This is all too common among category descriptions and product descriptions because online retailers are accustomed to used duplicated product images and catalogs.

    It is quite understandable if online retailer’s touch-up previous product descriptions because they don’t necessarily have the resources to produce content on their own. However, even if you don’t have the time or resources to produce brand new content, you should make it a habit to reduce duplicate content in your product descriptions and other areas of the website.

  • Can loading speed reduce your ranking?

    Loading speed or page speed is a measurement of how long it would take a web surfer to access a webpage. Page speed can be measured by adding the time it takes to download non-hidden assets such as scripts, images, and stylesheets.

    Coming back to your question, page speed is most definitely a ranking factor, and numerous surveys have proven that consumers aren’t keen on waiting around till a slow website finally loads completely. Some surveys say that the ideal loading speed of a website should be just 2 seconds. That being said, Creative Giants Technologies is up for the challenge to make your e-commerce store faster and better.

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