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With millions of websites competing to rank on the first search results page, it’s pretty difficult and time-consuming to depend on organic means of ranking higher.

According to PPC stats, paid advertisements redirect 65% of the traffic. Organic results receive only 35% of clicks. With pay-per-click advertising, we’re able to rank your website directly on the first page, while you get charged only when interested users click on your website. If you aren’t utilizing PPC advertising right now, you are missing out on higher website traffic.

As an accredited Google Partner PPC agency, we custom-tailor our PPC advertising strategies that meet customer touchpoints and improve conversion rates. What more could you ask for?

Our Custom PPC Services

Our multi-channel approach enables us to be well-versed in multiple forms of PPC advertising to cater to all types of businesses. Whether you’re a local restaurant or an international brand, we’ve got the right PPC service for you.

Local PPC Ads

Majority of searches are performed to find local businesses, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Place your local business in front of your target demographics with local PPC ads.

E-Commerce PPC

Online shopping is on the rise, and it’s important to leverage PPC advertising and widen your brand exposure. We navigate interested customers to your store using relevant keywords.

Amazon PPC

PPC advertising is an excellent addition to your Amazon store marketing arsenal, empowering you to attract more interested visitors to your online store.


Reap the Benefits of Strategic PPC Advertising

  • Precise Targeting

    We target audiences based upon their interests, age groups, and locations to optimize conversions.

  • Flexible Campaigns

    Adjust your PPC campaigns based on your desired budget and timeframe.

  • Analytical PPC Experts

    You work with keen PPC experts who can back their hyper-targeted campaigns with analytics.

  • Relevant Keywords

    We find the most relevant keywords to reduce your cost-per-click.


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Revenue-Generating Features
that Make the Most Out of Your Ad Spend

SEO Integration

We combine the best of both worlds by fusing organic and paid marketing tactics to scale up your website traffic. Our brilliant content writers have a way with words that impact people, empowering you to create a valuable platform for your readers.

Smart Retargeting

In the world of marketing, retargeting tactics can help you boost conversion with less effort. Using analytics, we identify visitors who haven’t converted yet and retarget them with display ads to keep them hooked.

Multimedia Ads

We use a multitude of media forms for advertising and reaching your audience in their line of sight. Our content creation team can produce highly creative text, image, and video content that helps drive your brand discoverability through multiple channels.

What You Get By Working With Us?


One-Size Fits All vs. Custom-Tailored PPC Campaigns

The end goal of all our digital marketing campaigns is to drive traffic into your sales funnel that eventually converts into paying customers. At creativegiantsllc.com, we take full responsibility for spending your marketing dollars wisely. PPC advertising varies based on your business type, goals, and budget, so we tailor your campaign to give your business a competitive edge.

Search advertising works best for short-term promotions to generate clicks on your website. For audiences already in the sales funnel, we implement display advertising with captivating text and image content to keep your brand in front of your customers’ minds. Google shopping ads with clickable product listings can draw converting prospects towards your e-commerce store.

Website Development Services for Every Platform

Our team has you covered with a grip on all popular website platforms!


End-to-End Startup Support

Pricing & Plans

Budget-Friendly Startup Packages

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    Mid-size and large-scale retailers can
    avail our top-tier e-commerce solutions for the
    best shopping experience.

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    Marketplaces can utilize our expertise in
    B2B & B2C portals to better cater to merchants
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Our Process

As an accredited PPC agency serving various businesses in diverse industries,
creativegiantsllc.com has refined the process of formulating and executing PPC campaigns
for clients, from initial consultation to campaign optimization.

  • Initial Consultation

    Understanding Your Business & Business Goals

    We start our relationship by learning about your business and the goals you hope to achieve with digital marketing. We identify your specific pain points so that we can invest every cent and second to good use.

  • Research & Data Collection

    Researching Audience Behavior & Search Trends

    We dive deep into your target audience’s behavior, interests, and ongoing trends to select a keyword and create content that works best to capture their attention and persuade them to take action. We also research the right PPC ads that draw more leads in your sales funnel.

  • Strategy Planning & Creative Brief

    Brainstorming Campaign Strategies to Deliver Exceptional Results

    We proceed to assess your budget and propose suitable strategies that deliver results targeted towards your business objectives. A creative brief is created to show you the details of your PPC campaign, like budget, timeframe, call-to-action prompts, and more.

  • Content Production

    Producing Persuasive Content that Hooks Your Target Audience

    Our talented copywriters and designers synergize to create compelling content that incites engagement from your target audience. We use our vast knowledge in consumer psychology, interactive design, and impactful copy to hook and convert your audience.

  • Campaign Management & Optimization

    Improvising Strategies for Optimal Performance

    We believe a digital marketing campaign isn’t over once the campaign is launched. Our PPC specialists keep an eye on your performance using monitoring tools and proactively adjust our strategies to ensure we not only achieve but exceed your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • Should I implement SEO or PPC for my website?

    SEO is one of the pillars of high-performing websites and must be implemented without question. However, SEO is a long-term strategy that takes weeks to months to reach your business goals. Combining SEO and PPC will be the best strategy to maximize results to get your goals quicker.

  • Can I use multiple digital marketing platforms to boost my business?

    Yes, you can! In fact, we encourage businesses to be active on multiple platforms to increase their brand awareness across a wider audience. Our digital marketing experts will advise you on digital platforms that are best suited for your business.

  • How long will it take to see real-world results with PPC advertising?

    The time required to achieve your business objectives with any of our digital marketing services will vary on your goals and budget. We don’t make false promises as we’re transparent about the timeframe required to reach your goals.

  • Can I delegate my entire digital marketing process to creativegiantsllc.com?

    Absolutely! The sole purpose of creativegiantsllc.com is to take over the technical complexities of launching and running a business online so you can rest easy. We provide our clients with monthly reports to keep them informed about their progress.

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