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We synergistically utilize hyper-targeted SEO and PPC campaigns
to increase click-through rates and reach your business goals quicker.

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Execute Growth-Focused SEM Strategies to Boost Sales Revenue

With users performing over 3 billion searches a day, it’s imperative for your business to leverage search engine marketing (SEM) to increase your reach and outpace your competition. Moreover, over two-thirds of trackable online traffic comes from a combination of organic and paired search, indicating a greater need to jump on the SEM train. SEM can empower you to amplify your brand’s online presence and market your offerings to your target audience.

As a certified Google Partner SEM Agency, we implement time-tested SEO and PPC strategies that give your brand a dominant position on the search results page.


Boost Search Visibility
and Nurture Leads

  • Better Positioning

    With a better rank on search engines that matter to your business, you are bound to attract the attention of those that really matter.

  • Content that Interests

    Mumbo-jumbo stuffed with keywords means nothing. You need high-quality content knitted around industry-specific keywords to make a difference.

  • Qualified Leads

    We reverse engineer the customer journey to convert browsing visitors into paying customers.

  • Slow & Steady

    We work on content optimization gradually, seeding backlinks where they matter while simultaneously enriching your web content.


Some Client Love

Result-Driven SEM Features
that You Will Love

SEO-Optimized Content

Your content must fuse literary creativity and SEO expertise to help your website perform well. With Creative Giants Technologies, you get the best of both worlds and position your website for growth!

E-commerce PPC

Setting up an online shop is simple; generating sales is complicated. Our e-commerce PPC team will deeply research your audience’s behavior and launch PPC campaigns with engaging content to draw in paying prospects to your e-store.

Google Analytics Management

Our services for clients far extend beyond content and campaign creation. We can proactively manage and optimize your Google Analytics so you get the most bang for your buck!

Rank Higher. Boost Sales.


We Execute Cost-Effective SEM
Strategies to Maximize Your ROI

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • Should I implement SEO or PPC for my website?

    SEO is one of the pillars of high-performing websites and must be implemented without question. However, SEO is a long-term strategy that can take months to reach your business goals. Combining SEO and PPC will be the best strategy to maximize results to achieve your goals quicker.

  • How long will it take to see real-world results with SEM?

    The time required to achieve your business objectives with any of our digital marketing services will vary depending on your goals and budget. We don’t make false promises as we’re transparent about the timeframe required to reach your goals.

  • How much will it cost to implement SEM?

    Our rates depend on the requirements of your project and budget. Check out our plans and pricing to learn more or contact our support team for a custom quote. Rest assured, we keep our prices affordable without skimping on quality services.

  • How to measure success with SEM?

    The metric for success from SEM efforts will vary on the type of business goals, from awareness to action. We use analytical tools to track impressions, clicks, click-through rates, signups, downloads, checkouts, and so much more.

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