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Why Your Multi-Location Business Needs a Solid Franchise SEO Strategy?

In this day and age of nearly everyone carrying smartphones, over 80% of mobile users search online before purchasing in-store. What’s more, “open now” searches have increased by 300% within the past two years. It would be a loss to miss out on this revenue-generating opportunity.

Creative giants is a Google Partner agency with years of SEO experience under its belt. With a solid franchise SEO strategy in place, you can boost your brand awareness and experience a notable rise in real-time sales.


Leverage Franchise SEO
SEO to Draw in Your Demographics

  • Better Business Standing

    Franchise SEO ensures that your business standing is defined in the customers' search at the top of local searches to achieve better sales.

  • Targeted Website Traffic

    Ensure that your product pages get the hit from those looking for the products that you sell. And we’ll help you do that by deploying keywords that interest the audience.

  • Google Business Listing

    One of the most significant factors influencing people on Google searches is having a working and up-to-date Google My Business, which is something Creative giants does the first thing.

  • Credible Online Reputation

    Your customers trust what they read online; hence when working on Franchise SEO, we ensure that your online reputation is as sparkling as anything.


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Create a Unified Brand Presence Across
Multiple Locations with Franchise SEO

Google My Business Optimization

Since most searchers are finding their ideal businesses online, an optimized Google My Business can position your business to be more discoverable than ever. We can add direct call support and Maps integration to your profile, where interested searchers will reach you within seconds, enabling you to convert quickly!

SEO-Optimized Content

There’s no better way to take control of your SEO strategy than to create valuable content for potential customers. Whether it’s webpage content or dedicated blogs, our content team will research relevant keywords and create location-specific landing pages that directly reach your target audience. And that’s how you get more traffic!

Local Link Building

Local link building is a great franchise SEO practice that you must add to your advertising arsenal. The practice can empower your business to establish credibility, ranking you higher via organic search. Our content writers will publish valuable guest posts on reputable platforms, empowering you to boost brand authority amongst new readers. Now that’s good for business!

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All Your Queries Asked

  • How long will Franchise SEO need to take effect?

    SEO is a long-term strategy where it can take months for your business to reap its benefits. We promise to keep you updated on your progress while making the most out of your budget.

  • What kind of businesses should implement Franchise SEO?

    Many multi-location businesses are harness the power of Franchise SEO to boost sales. The businesses include but aren’t limited to restaurants, gyms, sports clubs, auto dealerships, cinemas, salons and spas.

  • How much does Franchise SEO cost?

    Our pricing depends on the type of plan you select. You can have a look at our plans and pricing or get a custom quote for your project.

  • Can I integrate PPC with Franchise SEO?

    Absolutely! Franchisors and franchisees that seek to achieve their business goals in a short amount of time leverage both SEO and PPC. We can assess your budget and determine the right campaign strategy to reach your goals.

  • How can we get started on launching an SEO campaign?

    We can get started right now! Get in touch with our SEO expert who will advise you on the best course of action.

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