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Why Is Ecommerce SEO Necessary?

The ecommerce industry has been changing since it first happened in late 90s for B2B customers. As time passed, commercial users, B2C and C2C customers started to make purchases online using their computers. Off lately, with smartphones getting more and more affordable, nearly 90% of shopping gets done online. This means wherever the customers are they have the opportunity to search and at the very least make a decision to make a purchase.

In such a situation, having a weak ecommerce SEO strategy, or not having one altogether can adversely affect your business standing. The professional team at Creative giants is well versed with the art of ecommerce SEO, so that your online store never lags behind when a customer is looking to make a purchase.

Features & Benefits

Skyrocket Your Business Revenues With Ecommerce
SEO Strategy

  • Keyword Research

    We strategically work on your business’ industry specific keywords to bring up your ecommerce store rankings.

  • Creative Content Writing

    We custom produce, and place keyword enriched content on your website, allowing better and quick crawling.

  • Revamp Existing Content

    Getting a new SEO strategy doesn’t make your existing content obsolete, we work with your existing content so that it remains applicable.

  • Link Building

    Apart from keywords, we also place backlinks in your content to improve search engine visibility and audience engagement.


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How Our Ecommerce SEO
services Can Benefit?

Meta Properties

At Creative giants we emphasize on meta properties as these are the sets of information that the search engine uses to show relevant results to its users. We enrich your website meta titles, descriptions as well as keywords with relevant ecommerce SEO enhancing search terms.

Internal linking restructuring & optimization

An ecommerce business website has a more internal links interconnected than a regular website. If any one of these turns out to be broken, your customer may abandon the purchase, costing you heavily. Our SEO experts ensure that your online store is structured appropriately and always optimized.

Keyword mapping to target pages

For an eCommerce website to flourish, there needs to be targeted keyword mapping on every page. These target keywords help the customer to pinpoint the product that they are looking for with just a keyword centric search.

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Professional Ecommerce SEO Service
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Ensuring ecommerce store rankings surpassing expectations

frequently ask questions

What to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Agency

  • What is the significance of SEO in e-commerce?

    SEO in e-commerce is a method of helping online retailers and their products rank higher in search engines. A well-optimized and designed website that consists of high-quality content is bound to rank better in top search engines such as Google. Simply put, e-commerce SEO will increase your store’s online visibility while also attracting traffic.

    E-commerce SEO revolves around optimizing your webstore or website with SEO-focused content. Website Prof’s e-commerce SEO services are meant to make it easier for you to increase your leads and conversions.

  • How to check whether your website is user friendly?

    UX, in website design, is short for user experience. You can easily enhance your website or webstore’s UX by improving design and making its aesthetics more appealing to the eyes. However, you shouldn’t just stop at making your website look good. On the contrary, UX also encompasses making your website work well. UX consists of everything from ease of use, navigation, and the holistic ‘feel’ of your website.

  • Short-tail keywords vs. long-tail keywords. Which is better?

    Short-tail keywords are used to target general search queries and are phrases that are made up of one or two words. In contrast, long-tail keywords are made up of 3-to-5 words (and sometimes even more). You see, when users search for very specific results, web surfers are bound to type longer queries, a.k.a. long-tail keywords. Doing so aids them in getting more relevant results, which in-turn increases your leads and conversions.

  • Should we avoid duplicate content and web pages?

    Have you ever come across a website and instantly felt as if you have read all of its content before? This is all too common among category descriptions and product descriptions because online retailers are accustomed to used duplicated product images and catalogs.

    It is quite understandable if online retailer’s touch-up previous product descriptions because they don’t necessarily have the resources to produce content on their own. However, even if you don’t have the time or resources to produce brand new content, you should make it a habit to reduce duplicate content in your product descriptions and other areas of the website.

  • Can loading speed reduce your ranking?

    Loading speed or page speed is a measurement of how long it would take a web surfer to access a webpage. Page speed can be measured by adding the time it takes to download non-hidden assets such as scripts, images, and stylesheets.

    Coming back to your question, page speed is most definitely a ranking factor, and numerous surveys have proven that consumers aren’t keen on waiting around till a slow website finally loads completely. Some surveys say that the ideal loading speed of a website should be just 2 seconds. That being said, Creative giants is up for the challenge to make your e-commerce store faster and better.

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