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In the modern world some brands have gained more prominence better than others. One such name is definitely Amazon, with a wide array of products and services to purchase on the platform, Amazon has also enabled many businesses to flourish into big brands by means of Amazon store. Given the high returns that these Amazon stores enjoy through online selling coupled with Amazon services that help if not make the trade easier add to the convenience. This has led to many more entrants to head over to the platform opening their own businesses.

With competition increasing, you need to level up your game to get noticed by the right type of audience. One that is not only looking for a product that you offer, but also someone who will make a purchase at your store. Amazon SEO services aim to get you the noticeability that your business deserves in order to get above the competition on search engines, when a buying intent motivated buyer makes searches for an applicable keyword.

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  • High-Ranking Keywords

    Harnessing the power of keyword centric writing, Creative giants enriches your Amazon stores with keywords that grab the right kind of attention.

  • Experienced Professionals

    Having been part of the SEO industry our writers have the knack for writing engaging SEO strategies that are aimed to boost your Amazon Store sales.

  • Better Store Visibility

    We know the SEO game inside out, resulting in better strategy play. The results work in your favor with better Amazon Store rankings.

  • Improved Search Rankings

    Employing white hat tactics, the approach at Creative giants is to gradually increase your Amazon Store rankings to the desired position.


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Amazon Account Audit

The Amazon SEO team at Creative giants is well versed with the art of devising fool proof strategies that drive results. The team will conduct a thorough audit of your Amazon account, offer new keyword ideas, sort things up, and rework on your current categories.

Amazon Listing Optimization

One thing that your customer is looking for is obviously your product offering. Having said that, if the product listing does not appeal to the customer, chances are they’ll abort the purchase idea altogether. We hence take into account optimizing titles, details and descriptions for all product listings.

Amazon Seller Account Setup

The first step to a great Amazon SEO strategy is to have an Amazon store setup, one that does not limit you when the customer lands to shop. We’ll setup your account info, add products, write descriptions, and integrate your shipping plans. Ensuring that the Amazon seller account is ready for business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • How do Amazon searches work?

    Amazon searches are processed by matching keywords in the keywords used to describe a product in search. The search volume of keywords will determine their popularity and these keywords need to be relevant to the search and listed products. If you are trying to rank using Amazon keywords, make sure that your listing includes:

  • Who can I optimize a listing on Amazon?

    You can optimize your Amazon listings by making sure that your portfolio of products is concise, relevant, and clear in terms of the search keywords used by the customer. You could further optimize your listing by making sure that your product titles are relevant to the products and your product descriptions are sprinkled with all the relevant information. You could also ensure that you use appealing and high-quality images.

  • What makes a good product title on Amazon?

    Ideally, the best Amazon titles are short, descriptive, and they consist of keywords. The real question here is that how long should an Amazon title be. As it occurs, the FBA product title requirements state that titles shouldn’t exceed 200 characters, including spaces. These titles shouldn’t consist of promotional phrases, for instance, ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’, or ‘free shipping’. Also, these titles shouldn’t be made up of characters, including ‘~, !, *, $, ?, _, ~, {, }, #, <,>, |, *, ;, ^, ¬, ¦’.

  • Can you use product videos in Amazon?

    Yes, Amazon allows product videos and you can also embed product videos from YouTube. If you don’t already have a video, you can always use Amazon’s Video Direct program to make videos for your Amazon products. However, you should make sure that your video reviews on Amazon should be under 5-minutes long and should ideally be 1-minute long.

  • What can an SEO agency do to improve my Amazon SEO?

    Website Prof’s Amazon SEO services will maximize the effectiveness of your online product listings so that they show up higher in the search results of web surfers. In other words, your target customers will be more likely to find your products and make purchases from your store.

    More specifically, Creative giants will conduct competitive research to find all the appropriate keywords while writing your content, optimizing your images, and providing backend keywords for your A9 engine.

  • Can Creative giants manage SEO for my entire brand?

    Absolutely! We can strategize and execute a comprehensive Amazon SEO strategy plan that encapsulates multiple product lines across various product categories. Whether it’s a new or existing brand, we can optimize your Amazon SEO to improve your ranking and increase your sales.

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