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Millions of people shop on Amazon and wouldn’t you prefer not to get lost in this crowded digital marketplace? Our Amazon advertising experts will help form custom strategies to maximize your ROI.

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Amazon is home to billions of monthly online shoppers where your business can leverage the power of the most dominant e-commerce platform on the Internet. Amazing advertising can help your e-commerce brand to improve discoverability, cut through the competition and significantly boost sales.

At Creative giants, we can help you design nuanced Amazon advertising strategies that will impact with purpose, see the bigger picture, and maximize results. Our Amazon advertising experts begin by analyzing your existing campaigns and establishing best practices to bring your Total Advertising Cost of Sale down. And that’s not enough, as we will focus on maximizing your return on investment with custom-tailored marketing campaigns.

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  • Rank Higher

    Harnessing the power of keyword centric writing, Creative giants enriches your Amazon stores with keywords that grab the right kind of attention.

  • Work with Experts

    Having been part of the SEO industry our writers have the knack for writing engaging SEO strategies that are aimed to boost your Amazon Store sales.

  • Optimized for SEO

    We know the SEO game inside out, resulting in better strategy play. The results work in your favor with better Amazon Store rankings.

  • Boost Your Sales

    Employing white hat tactics, the approach at Creative giants is to gradually increase your Amazon Store rankings to the desired position.


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Laser-Focused Advertising

While brainstorming your ad campaign, our Amazon experts will research your target audience and create ads that grab their interests and compel them to click.

Competitor Ad Analysis

With over one million third-party sellers on this platform, we make it a habit to conduct competitor analysis. In doing so, we gain valuable insights for our advertising plan.

Ad Campaign Management

Once we launch your new campaign, we will manage it. Based on the initial performance of your marketing campaign, we will continue updating it so you can maximize the ROI from your ad spend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • How can Amazon Advertising benefit my e-commerce business?

    With 2 million active sellers on Amazon, Sponsored Ads can position your brand in front of your target market, direct shoppers to your product page and increase sales. We take it a step further by not only selecting hyper-targeted keywords but also refining your product images and descriptions.

  • What are the types of Amazon Ads?

    There are 3 types of Amazon Ads that you can leverage to boost your sales. They are Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads. Sponsored Products promote individual product listings, Sponsored Brand Ads promote your brand and Sponsored Display Ads promote on selected target group.

  • How much does it cost to run an Amazon PPC campaign?

    There’s no specific fee to run an Amazon PPC campaign as sellers only get charged when interested shoppers click on your product listing. The costs per click will differ based on the popularity of the keywords. We can fine-tune your Amazon PPC strategy that meets your budget.

  • I am currently running Amazon Ad campaigns. Can Creative giants improve my return on ad spend?

    We will monitor and analyze your past performance data and provide data-driven strategies to optimize your Amazon Ad campaigns and improve your return on ad spend.

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