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From supporting key business operations to managing stakeholder relationships,
we provide enterprise-specific software systems to help you take your business forward.

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Our Goal

Build Industry-Standard Custom Software to Streamline Your Business Operations

In this day and age where technology is empowering businesses to thrive, you must leverage comprehensive software solutions to centralize your data and optimize your operations. Enterprise software can allow your company to make precise data-driven decisions, enabling you to cut down costs, improve productivity and thus increase your profitability.

Whatever idea you present to us, our professional software development professionals will materialize it to an amazing product. If you partner with Creative giants, you can expect strong focus on intuitive UX designs, efficiency, and scalability.

Our Expertise

Our Custom Software Solutions

With Creative giants, you get a full-service software development agency to build bespoke software for key departments of your business.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

We develop HRM systems that record employee information and automate attendance and payroll processes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We setup your CRM software to accurately aggregate and analyze customer data to improve your customer relationships.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

We build SCM solutions to help procurement and production departments to manage inventory, supplier relationships and optimize your supply chain.

Elements of Great Software

Supporting Your Business Operations Will Never
Be This Easy

  • User-Friendliness

    We build custom software with the end user in mind to design a user-friendly interface.

  • Easy Setup

    Our software solutions are compatible with a diverse range of computer specifications like operating systems and/or screen resolutions.

  • Visual Symmetry

    We believe that the screen should be almost symmetrical and every part of the screen should flow nicely.

  • Congruent Upgrades

    Upgrades help us improve certain features of your software based on user requests or testimonials.


Some Client Love

Synchronize Your Enterprise’s Key Functions

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Your Software Development Needs

Custom Software Development

We offer tailored software solutions that allow you to experience operational excellence. We deliver your custom software error-free and with quick turnaround times.

Software Product Development

We help ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and startups with mobile, desktop, and SaaS products. You will be able to launch an MVP in about 1-to-4 months before consistently growing it for a major release in the next 2 to 4 weeks.

Maintenance and Support of Existing Software

We offer our clients 24/7 support as well as continuous performance monitoring and proactive optimization. After sending you a completed product, we will start searching for opportunities for integrations and new features.

Go Digital. Create a Mark. Grow Your Business. Conquer!

Custom Software = Bespoke Software

Why You Need to Invest
in a Customized Solution

• Every company is unique and it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to software.

• Since your needs grow as your business grows, we believe in developing scalable software solutions that have a capacity for business growth.

• With custom software development, you will be able to integrate our software with your existing software so you can refine business processes.

• With tailor-made software and having considered your current hardware capabilities, you can save money and avoid future costs.

• Off-the-shelf software is only as useful as long as its developer is still in business. With custom software you will have far less to worry about.

Website Development Services for Every Platform

Our team has you covered with a grip on all popular website platforms!


End-to-End Startup Support

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Our Process

Over the years, our team has tried and tested different processes, and while we have developed our recipe for growth,
we continue to improve it. Here is what it looks like!

  • Discovery & User Research

    Understanding the Business & Audience

    We start by developing a connection with you. Our team truly believes that we cannot help you grow until we understand you and your vision. Your business goals are a starting point for us.
    Our team builds a user profile of your audience to get a better understanding of your clientele. Their characteristics, behavior, and preferences remain the core of our solutions.

  • Conceptualization & Designing

    Adding Our Creative Element

    Once we know who we are working for and what we wish to achieve, our team gets started with bringing different business strategies together. We don’t follow a one-fits-all template but custom build it for you.
    Your account manager will present a number of options to choose from. We take you along the journey.

  • QA & Launch

    Ensuring Perfection

    Once your project is ready, it goes through a series of tests to ensure uninterrupted functionality. We use a series of tests and only implement things when we are confident.
    We don’t miss any details. You have nothing to worry about!

  • Post-Launch Service

    Available for any Assistance

    Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when the project is complete. Our team is available to help you with any queries.
    Whether you need our expert-level digital marketing services or want some changes to the website, we have you covered.

Cutting-Edge Custom
Software Solutions

Follow Us Towards Your Digital Evolution Journey.

frequently ask questions

All Your Queries Addressed

  • Do you make HR portals for businesses?

    Yes, we do. Our software developers have designed HR portals that were both, easy to use and very helpful. However, too often, we’ve seen companies use these portals as technical upgrades to their previous system. Doing so will cause errors, waste time, and decrease employee experience.

  • Do I need a separate development for my app?

    Based on our experience, building a custom app will be best-suited for 5-to-6 developers. A back-end and mobile developer will be crucial for the main operational capabilities of an app, while QA specialists and designers will be needed to create a holistically well-functioning product.

  • I need an e-learning platform. Can you help?

    Of course, we can help. Creative giants has considerable experience in developing e-learning platforms, even before they were in high-demand during the onset of the pandemic. Whether you’re planning on selling your courses to students all over the world or nationally, all you need to do is discuss your idea with our project manager and we’ll be ready to go.

  • Are you able to double the size of the team involved in the project if the need arises?

    Whether you are looking to expand your products or design an entirely new one, our software developers are always ready to hear and adapt to your requirements. When the timeline for improvements is short, they make it a habit to add additional team members to your project to speed up the development process.

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